Be it gemstones, food, or people - to "get real" is to experience something in it's natural state. That's what I'm all about - and so is my photography. Real never goes out of style!! So, find your comfy place and hang out as long as you like. We'll just get-real together. :)



My baby (who will always remain as such, thank-you-very-much) started his very first foray into the world of organized sports. And whadd'ya know? The little boy who was so adept at breaking things, "accidentally" hitting his siblings, and throwing things he shouldn't has quite the right arm. Pitcher. Pretty funny to me. One of those God-must-be-chuckling-at-the-things-you-don't know kind of things. Anyways --- I hope you are enjoying your babies - especially those with an untrained arm.

From Amy-Katrin Photography

From Amy-Katrin Photography

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