Be it gemstones, food, or people - to "get real" is to experience something in it's natural state. That's what I'm all about - and so is my photography. Real never goes out of style!! So, find your comfy place and hang out as long as you like. We'll just get-real together. :)


Just a little happy face to say, "Welcome Tuesday!!!"


Humble Pie

Remember what you were like when you had your first child? Remember the silly, outright ludicrous things you said you would "never" do? Literally, my first child had one 18 inch basket of toys and one....(yes, I said ONE) stuffed bear. A lovely bear, I might add. In fact, I think you can see his lower extremeties wearing the sports pajama pants right there. But you see, this bear was supposed to be an only child.....because I loathe dust and clutter. As you can see, the good Lord had plans for me and my minimalist tendencies. My darling boy, Blythe delights in their ragged, dirty, musty glory; plotting (much to my chagrin) for new "adoptees" continually. What to do. What to do. Recognize my silliness, allow my 8-year old his joy in life and then break out the dust cloth. :) Enjoy your babies!


Six Pack

What a great time I had with this family - who are expecting #6 very soon. So many personalities and so many joys to be had. Each new life is a carnival ride unto itself. And I don't know about you..but I'm all for the roller coasters. Thank you, "C" all are lovely.


Little Miss Demure

She's a cherub, but definitely not a wallflower! I love, love, love her steadfast, "chick-on-a-mission" comings and goings. Kind of inspires me to be a little more forthright with my own "missions". Do you have a firecracker too? I surely hope so.



Okay, I admit it. I can't take my eyes off this picture! I just love sugar-lump Ziva's expression! Those dimples, that smile.........and those eyes! As I told her mama, "The lights are on...and somebody is definitely home!".

Puppy Love

I had my first pooch-shoot the other day - and let me tell you, it was a hoot. Candace (their mama- who, by the way, owns THE best piano store in town) pulled out all the stops and put her babies thru the paces to get these shots. I had such fun....and I had no clue that dogs could have facial expressions!

The Welcome Mat

I really enjoy home-sessions. They are so fun and so-telling. I really love that the photos reflect the true nature and relationship of each family. This sweet and hospitable family was so energetic and gracious. Thank you for welcoming me into your home, D-family!

The Royal Guards

See these three little guys with the tuff lookin' mohawks? They made it very clear that they adore their little sister. What a happy gang. And a BIG shout out to Dad, who worked his tail off to help get some of these shots. Thank so much C-fam!

Too Easy

Ever have something come so easy that you think, "Hmmm....maybe I'm doing something wrong...". Those were my thoughts as I was snapping Natalie and her sister. Such beautiful little girls, who definitely were not intimidated by the lens! Thank you Robin, for sharing your lovely gals with me.

The Turning-10 Grin

In my book, 10 is pretty much the perfect age...not a baby, not a teen. They're able to carry on quite an interesting conversation - and they still pretty much like you. I had the privilege of recording the birthday festivities for this little miss. She and her family are a delight and a joy, and yes....she is just about as angelic in personality as she is in her looks.

Wide Open

Who doesn't love being around "wide open" people? I had a blast with this family who so obviously grab life by the rope and swing! Thanks M-fam, for the opportunity to capture your fun family...and for the great time I had in doing it.

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