Be it gemstones, food, or people - to "get real" is to experience something in it's natural state. That's what I'm all about - and so is my photography. Real never goes out of style!! So, find your comfy place and hang out as long as you like. We'll just get-real together. :)



Cloudy days are pretty much like winning the lottery around these parts. I think I can say with some assuredness that the clouds have made their grand appearance...oooohhhh - about 7 times or so in the last 2 1/2 years. Sad. BUT - WHEN they do appear (and that evil sun DISappears for awhile)....I grab my camera and try to get my kiddies as presentable as FAST as possible. My girl is quickly becoming a young lady and my boys are......well - still all boy (especially ONE of you can't guess which one). Sometimes I don't even notice their growth until I edit pictures like these. Give your kid-lets a hug today....and give me a call if you want to capture them before they start driving! :)

From dont delete

From dont delete

From dont delete

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